Doctor online consultation Dubai

DRMEDILIFE.COM is a digital platform where telemedicine for online consultation with doctors through video call where you can call general physician and other specialty doctor’s consultation for all your health care requirements in all medical specialties such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Wellness, Unani, Dental, etc. This is a comprehensive online medical consultation platform with video conference call and it could be easily accessed and utilized for all primary consultation, second opinion and also for the follow-up consultations. You can consult doctor through video call, almost all the specialty doctors through this platform very easily with the use of your gadgets from anywhere in the world and we call it as Tele Medicine.

Medilife Healthcare group is one of the leading healthcare companies in the world with a network of clinics, pharmacies, home care, telemedicine, online pharmacy and medical tourism. We focus on our community's ever-growing needs and work with our partners, to offer quality products. You can access this platform from anywhere in the world and you can also select the doctors for consultation based on your requirement and after reviewing the profile of the doctors you are going to consult online. Our platform has included all the details required to do a small profile review and understand about the doctor and the most attractive feature of this platform is that you can select the doctors based on your language know more about the group you may login to allows you to choose doctors based on your requirement and preference in a very simple and convenient way by enabling you to choose and select as per the doctor’s specialty, nationality, language and years of experience. Download our app and register your profile with all the required details to start consulting doctors easily and to know more you may login to Even after medical consultation, if you need to get the medicine internationally, Medilife has that service offered through telemedicine wing is working hard to change the traditional direct consultation methods by taking it to the digital platform with a completely new experience through ensuring online accessibility to all specialty doctors for primary, secondary and expert opinions. Before empanelling doctors to the list for an online panel, a team of experts review the doctor’s profile to ensure their qualification and experience to provide you with excellent consultation experiences. Medilife Also Arrange treatment abroad service through their platform . You can also avail Air ambulance service for medical evacuation through Medilife

Drmedilife.comteam is continuously working towards improving the service quality and this platform will guide you to select the doctors and Telemedicine Muscat Oman Arabic and English Online video consultation with doctor just in a single click you will be able to consult doctor online through video call and get a second opinion about your health condition from internationally accepted Doctors/physicians.

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